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Opening in 2022

Historic downtown Savannah is being transformed into a booming entertainment destination with the development of the new Arena. The new arena site presents the opportunity to redevelop the Canal District to the west of West Boundary Street, creating a vibrant new center of activity in Savannah’s core. The project will transform 600 acres of undeveloped land into an ultimate event-goers experience that will encompass sporting events, live entertainment, recreation, and hospitality.  

The new 9,500 seat arena will usher in a new era of music, sports and entertainment experience for Southern Georgia, utilizing the most innovative features to attract the world’s most sought-after performers. 

Savannah will see an insurgence of sporting events with the opening of the new Arena. The state-of-the-art hockey facility will support securing a minor league hockey team that will call Savannah home.  


Due to COVID-19, the Box Office is currently closed. If you need to speak with someone regarding tickets, please call 912.651.6550. Tickets can be purchased at

Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm

Phone: 912.651.6550

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